Raleigh Dog Training Club has a very informal friendly atmosphere
towards the training classes. Come along if you are having a specific
problem, you wish to compete in competitive obedience or you just
want to have fun with your dog.
In these classes you will be encouraged to clicker train. SPACES AT ALL LOCATIONS.

Mollie runs four different levels of classes. Click on the class below for more information.

Graduate Beginners Mixed Ability Advanced

Click on above links for locations and times of classes

Leads, Collars, Toys, Clickers, Clicker Book, Biscuit Buddies (treat bag for treats, clicker
and poo bag), Treats, Clothing with the Raleigh Dog Training Club logo such as t-shirts
and fleeces are available to buy. We can supply certain foods at reasonable prices
Visit a class WITHOUT your dog and
see if it is for you.

Want to bring your dog?
Please ring Mollie on 07963 506805
to confirm.

A youtube video of one of the exercises,
the send away

Click above to view our trainers in action.